ezCar2X® is a valuable tool for rapid prototyping of cooperative ITS applications and the associated communication protocols. The modular structure – implemented as a collection of C++ libraries – enables a flexible selection of required components for each individual deployment. It includes standard compliant implementations of the ETSI ITS communication stack including Decentralized Congestion Control (DCC), GeoNetworking, Basic Transport Protocol (BTP), Facility Layer (CAM, DENM …) and Local Dynamic Map. Advanced concepts like adaptive heterogeneous networking (11p, 4G+) and access to digital map data are also provided. Our continuous participation in standardization efforts ensure that changes are quickly integrated into ezCar2X® keeping you always up to date.

Evaluation and Testing

ezCar2X® components can be directly integrated into a holistic simulation framework allowing to deploy the same software on hundreds of virtual vehicles without additional effort. Wireless communication technologies and road traffic are modeled using well established open source tools (ns-3 / SUMO) while we concentrate on the integration of communication protocols, network algorithms and applications. Standardized solutions can be evaluated in real time with specific use cases, scenarios and requirements giving deeper insight in potential issues and improvements. In addition, new algorithms and cooperative applications can already be evaluated in an early stage of development with minimal effort and without additional costs.

Integration of ezCar2X® into Third-party Products

The modular structure of ezCar2X® provides many possibilities for the extension of existing third-party products with car2X capabilities. Established tools in the fields of sensor data fusion and modelling of complex driver assistance systems consider communication aspects only inadequately or not at all. ezCar2X® can close this gap without the need to develop the required functionality from scratch. As an example, we integrated ezCar2X® into a commercial vehicle dynamics simulation tool to evaluate the impact of information exchanged in advance on automated driving functions.