Framework & Features

The flexible ezCar2x® software framework provides the key components needed to rapidly create prototype applications for networking vehicles. This allows vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and road infrastructure providers the opportunity to rapidly implement new concepts and evaluate them in a real world setting.


ezCar2x® for rapid prototyping

The ezCar2x® framework features components for the following functions:

  • ETSI ITS-compliant communication services
  • GeoNetworking via ITS-G5 and cellular communication
  • Connectivity to external sensors such as GPS, odometry or radar and lidar
  • Facilities such as CAM and DENM management
  • Integration of security services
  • Connectivity to various HMI devices such as tablets or touch screens

The framework is structured as a collection of C++ libraries that are available under Linux and Windows operating systems. Extensive API documentation and various examples help accelerate the learning curve for first-time users.

With its flexible, modular and portable design, the framework can be deployed in a variety of environments such as in common onboard and roadside units, as backend server components or directly in simulation environments.

The consistent utilization of abstraction concepts and known design patterns leads to a high degree of modularity. Single functions can be swapped out and if needed, replaced by other implementations without modifying the remaining systems.


Simulation with ezCar2x®

With its modular design, the ezCar2x® framework can be incorporated directly into a simulation environment consisting of a road traffic and network simulator. As a result, it can be installed in an unlimited number of virtual vehicles. This allows developers to test and continually enhance ezCar2x® applications and protocols under realistic conditions with minimal effort. A sample simulation scenario will help you to get started quickly.